Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Im feeling a bit sad about the design world at the moment. There seems to be an awful lot of copying going on these days. Whatever happened to original ideas. I visited Pulse trade fair on Monday and was dismayed to see some awful copying from big companies blatantly ripping off artists and designers who sometimes struggle to make a living creatively. As an owner of a gallery that has always championed handmade I see it on daily basis now. What saddens me most is I have had to stop selling certain people's work because they have been copied by large companies that supply other shops in our town. Sadly a large part of the general public can't tell the difference between a handmade tea cosy made in the uk from a mass produced copy made in china, they can only see the price!!!!! It makes me nervous about exposing new designs here before they are turned into more so I am considering deleting my last post. I am truly sorry for the designers and makers out there who have found themselves in these situations, and we should all consider getting ourselves fully protected by organisations like ACID anti copying in design. Back tomorrow with a more positive post and a round up of the FantAStic new ORIGINAL ideas I found in Pulse for the gallery x


Grayseasailor said...

Janet, I started blogging about nine months ago and finally set up a blogroll and a few days ago added your blog to it. I trust you do not mind...?
Your blog and your artwork are delightful and I am sorry that you have witnessed piracy around you.
I just bought some cards from you and look forward to receiving them :) By the ocean is my favorite place in all the world and your artwork transports me there every time I view it. Thank you :)
Joy to you and yours,
Gracie <3

last day of may said...

it is bad news isn't it? makes me sad too when you have an understanding of all the time and love that goes in to the creative process before a finished piece is even out there to sell.

on a happier note i'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in london. did you see abigail? xXx