Monday, June 04, 2012

figs mmmmmmm

My fig tree is doing really well, the wind blew some off on Saturday but today it looks great again, yummmmmmmmm

Tonight we are going to the castle grounds for a picnic, live bands and fireworks at 10.30, when the sun shines, bank holidays are great aren't they.
Thanks for the messages about my 200th post, I'm so enjoying being back in this space x


Helen Philipps said...

Wonderful...growing your own figs!! I loved seeing your new work in the last post, it looks fantastic. Hope you all had a great evening in the castle grounds and enjoy the rest of the jubilee celebrations :)
Helen x said...

Lovely! I took a picture just like that the other day. Great minds think alike!

kriket said...

yes those baby figs are now in our courtyard - we will be picking from this side! x