Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clare mahoney

 We received a delivery of these pebbles just two weeks ago and they flew out the door. I loved them but you never know whether customers will appreciate the work gone into them.  But we sold 8 in the second day and now we are getting our next delivery tomorrow.  The powers of I found them whilst browsing Gennines pinterest board, all the way over in Mexico and turns out Clare is from good old blighty.
I'm excited to show you my new chair tomorrow, I'm bursting with love for it!
Happy Wednesday all.....Thanks for reading, your comments make my day x


Tangled Sweetpea said...

I can see why they flew out of the door, they are gorgeous!
Victoria xx

dosierosie said...

They are beaautiful.

Half Acre said...

They are lovely! Thanks Janet for sharing!

last day of may said...

oh how gorgeous! they must be wonderful to see in the real world...i imagine they are so lovely to hold. and a really nice story on how you came across them :) chair news sounds exciting!! xXx