Saturday, June 16, 2012

a blast from the past

I have been transferring all my photos from old laptops onto this shiny new mac and in the process rediscovered paintings from as far back as 2004 that I had completely forgot about.  Like old friends. Talking of which, I had a great night out last night with friends at a new restaurant in the next town along, Menai Bridge. A fab new place has just opened called Dylans.  Some great photos on their Facebook page. It was a great night, and a bit bonkers because it was opening night and boy am I paying for it today. Mojitos seem like such a good idea at the time!
Anyway, I am just off to wrap presents for fathers day then an early night, looking forward to a day with my boys tomorrow.
Happy weekend to you all xxx


last day of may said...

ha ha! hope the hangover is no more...worth it though for a night out. looks like a fab place. thought i was going to see you in the background of one of the pics living it up with your mojito in hand!!

these archive photos are magic. you must be so pleased to have a record of them and it is brilliant to see how your style has evolved. i really love 4 and 4. look very textiley to me :) and quite a different colour palette.

have a lovely time with your boys tomorrow. i am just making a card last minute!! but chocs and book are wrapped. phew. over and out for now xXx

last day of may said...

i did actually mean 5 and 6! but i do love them all janet. oh look hello orla mug :)

Grayseasailor said...

Viewing your artwork brings me Joy! Thanks for sharing, Janet.
[Glad you had fun last night and hope you and yours have a good time together tomorrow :)]
Gracie <3