Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sundays

Happy SUNday All, what a lovely treat this weather is, I feel like I'm on holiday, a bit giddy, or maybe that's the gin and tonic I just enjoyed. I hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of this beautiful weekend. Welcome to any new readers, I think I've got a few this weekend after sneaky Lucy sung my praises....blush, back tomorrow xx

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Else said...

How lovely to see that you're back - I've been checking in every so often, and what a treat to find a whole load of posts that I hadn't seen! Loving the new looser style paintings - and looking forward to seeing some more from you - even if it does induce decorenvy! (a new word I've just this moment coined!)

Janet said...

Ah thank you else, it's great to be back, it really is x